The Islamic knowledge according to Quran and Sunnah ( Ahl us Sunnah Wal Jamah , The Salaf as Saalih )

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Is it correct to say : ‘I am a Sunni and I am not a Salafi.’ ?

Shaykh Salih as-Suhaymee
Translated by
Abbas Abu Yahya
The question: When this person begins Ruqiyah (reciting Qur’aan upon a
person as a form of treatment) he says: ‘I am a Sunni and I am not a Salafi.’
The Shaykh Answered:
‘As for the saying: ‘I am a Sunni and I am not a Salafi.’ Then this statement is
The Sunni O you Miskeen (impoverished person) is the Salafi, and the Salafi is
the Sunni. Whoever distinguishes between the two then he has distinguished
between two things which resemble each other; so the Salaf are the Ahl-ulSunnah and the Salafeeyoon are the followers of the Sunnah, and whoever
absolves himself from that then he is not a Sunni nor a Salafi!
Just because some of the people claim Salafeeyah and they do not actually
exemplify it, then this does not allow you to free yourself from Salafeeyah,
2rather it is obligatory upon you to honour yourself by ascribing yourself to
the Salaf and to the Manhaj of the Salaf, since indeed ascription to that is
Ahl-ul-Sunnah, the Salaf, the followers of the Salaf, the Firqat an-Najjeeyah, the
Taifat-ul-Mansoorah, the Jamaa’ah, the Salafi and the Sunni, all of these mean
one title: and they are the Jamaa’ah, and they are similar to those whom were
upon what the Prophet -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- and his Companions were upon.
So be a serious Salafi – be a serious Salafi, just like the Salaf used to say – a
Salafi ascribing to the Manhaj of the Salaf in sayings, actions and belief.
And I believe that whoever brags with this type of talk (‘I am a Sunni and I am
not a Salafi.’) is very far from the Manhaj of the Sunni which is the Manhaj of
the Salaf.
May Allaah give everyone the capability to obtain beneficial knowledge and
righteous actions. May Allaah send prayers, peace and blessings upon our
Prophet Muhammad, his Family and all his Companions.’
[Taken from the Shaykh’s lesson from the ‘Explanation of ‘an-Nasihah al-Waladeeyah liAbee al-Waleed alBajee Rahimullaah-’ end of tape one.]

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